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Pub & Eatery
Est. 1912

For 110 years, the Commercial Hotel has hugged the stunning countryside town of Tara. As a bustling village grew up around us over the decades, locals made this place the heart of their neighbourhood.

Our Story

Purchased by the Brauer family in 2006, the Commercial Hotel has always and still remains the pillar of its community.

Although the town has modernised, the building itself remains untouched and true to its original design since conception in1912.


Our newly renovated beer garden allows a palm tree filled get away from the business of our countryside surroundings. 


We’re less a pub and more a village, with every doorway leading to a different destination: our locally renowned restaurant, locally famous decorated dining room, vivacious Tara-Vegas, independent bottle shop - all within the home of the bar with coldest schooner in Queensland.

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